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Lead Generation Case Study: Concrete 247

Concrete 247 by Hilcon is a Hampshire-based family-run concrete and aggregate company that serves Southampton and the surrounding areas. Concrete 247 uses volumetric mixers rather than typical concrete mixers, so you only pay for the concrete that is poured.

What we did

Establishing a new concrete brand in an area with fierce competition was likely to be tricky, fortunately, Hilcon, the parent of Concrete 247 had a strong reputation for delivering quality materials on time and on budget to builders and contractors. For Concrete 247 to succeed, it needed a strong web presence with a credible website to generate leads for the consumer and jobbing builder market.

Website Design with Lead Generation

ExpressionEngine, our chosen ContentManagement System (CMS), was used to create the Concrete 247 website. The goal of the website is to get users to use the online cost calculator and convert them into an online lead that can be processed by the office staff.

The Concrete 247 website is mobile-friendly and offers the following features:

  • Online Cost Calculator - This is an interactive calculator that will assist visitors in determining how much concrete they require. Works in metre, centimetre, inch, foot, or yard measurements. As part of the online inquiry, this information is automatically added.

  • Campaign Tracking - Leads are tracked by their location, the service they require, and the phone number they dialled

Search Engine Optimisation

Concrete 247's main goal is to get pre-qualified leads. We do this by making content-rich, high-performing landing pages that are kept up to date.

We keep an eye on the performance of our most important search phrases on a number of different search engines for changes. Our hands-on approach means that we make changes to pages and queries as needed to keep them from falling down in the rankings.

  • We monitor keywords and key phrases for concrete, aggregates and grabs and places where they are searched for in Hampshire

  • We create new content and make changes to existing copy to stay at the top of the search results in search engines

  • Keep an eye out for new search terms and build content-rich pages to reach new audiences

The Results

Concrete 247 has experienced significant development as a result of the enquiries received via the concrete calculator, web form and tracking phone numbers.

In 2021, we received one call every 90 seconds on average
In 2021, we received one new email enquiry every 120 minutes on average
We were able to reduce the marketing expense for Concrete 247 by around 18 percent by combining a budget for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords.

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