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Magento Case Study:

As Trustpilot's UK's top online tobacconist, Smoke-King has been delivering cigars, pipes, and accessories for over 30 years. Following huge success online, Smoke-King opened a Cigar Shop in Otley, Leeds in 2021.

How we've helped

  • We rebuilt the existing Magento 2 store that we inherited from another agency due to serious technical flaws.

  • We produced a highly adaptable Bootstrap-based design that addressed frequent mobile issues. Since the reconstruction, mobile transactions have accounted for 75% of all orders.

  • Conversion rates of over 10% indicate that the site is doing well. See how we keep Smoke-King at the top of the rankings below…

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Here's the impact we made to Smoke-King
YoY Turnover Increase
Average Site Conversion Rate
Rankings on Search

Email Marketing Design & Sending

Open Rate
Click Rate
For every £1 Spent

Custom Development for Magento 2

We were hired by Smoke-King to find a solution to a major problem in their business: every time a consumer orders, they must be verified to be at least 18. If a customer is a repeat customer, the process may take longer, resulting in a delayed shipment.

Customers' accounts may now be marked as verified, which means that orders can be automatically forwarded to the warehouse. We created a bespoke Magento 2 module that does this. A reduction in customer service administration time, increased warehouse productivity, and an improved customer experience resulted from this strategy.

Over 600 customer service hours saved per year
Warehouse 25% more productive
Customer satisfaction increased from 4.8/5 to 4.9/5

Search Engine Optimisation for eCommerce

Smoke-King has been a challenge for our team to tackle, due to the high level of regulation around tobacco products, as well as the prohibition of tobacco advertising, Smoke-King is exclusively reliant on organic traffic for their growth.

We reached a new milestone in 2021 by growing the business turnover by more than 50% as compared to the previous year, which was made possible by the continual improvement we make to products and category offerings.

Some of our goals for 2021 include maintaining the number one ranking for high-value search phrases including
●     #1 for buy cigarettes and buy cigarettes online
●     #1 for buy menthol cigarettes
●     #1 for uk tobacconist

Source: SERPS, March 2022

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