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eCommerce Consultancy

When you're busy running your own eCommerce business, it might be difficult to take a step back and analyse the sections of your online store that are underachieving. This service is a health check for your eCommerce business, providing you with insights into areas where you can improve your user experience, reduce abandoned carts, increase the average order value, and provide advice on decreasing your technological burden and expense.

Amazon and eBay Marketplace Setup

If you're preoccupied with managing your present orders, taking on an additional shop can appear to be a daunting task to undertake. We can take care of setting up your Amazon Marketplace account as well as your eBay Seller account, allowing you to reach a larger audience of potential clients. We can also recommend technology that can consolidate all of your orders into a single location, thereby decreasing the administration time and headaches that are typically associated with omnichannel eCommerce.

Custom Software Development

We're incredibly skilled at resolving technical issues to help you save time and money (that's why we're named the digital thing - we solve all those technical issues). Custom ordering systems, dashboards, warehouse automation, and more have all been part of our previous work.

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