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Email Marketing Design and Sending

Email marketing is one of the best value marketing strategies eCommerce companies can take. Our customers typically receive £15 for every £1 they spend with us - we take care of everything, from the design, production of images to the sending of your campaign.

Email Marketing Design

We produce a custom template for your brand that contains your important information including links, images and logos. This template is rigorously tested to ensure that it looks professional and opens as expected on common email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Apple Mail.

All our emails contain full tracking information so we can report the number of opens, clicks and sales that your campaign generates.

Email Marketing Sending

Using our own in-house email marketing platform, we can send mass mail - up to 250,000 subscribers at one time. Our state of the art marketing system allows your subscribers to manage their preferences, reducing the number of complaints and improving the delivery rate of emails.

Our email marketing platform is a great alternative to Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and ActiveCampaign which are significantly more expensive.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automated email workflows are a great way to keep a customer engaged, and send them personalised emails relating to their shopping experience. Automated emails are ideal for abandoned cart recovery, sending loyalty promotions such as birthday messages, or follow-ups with product recommendations after purchase.

No additional software is needed, our automated email campaigns are built into our marketing platform which is compatible with Shopify websites, WooCommerce websites and Magento websites.

Email Marketing Costs

From just £150 per campaign, email marketing is great value and offers a fantastic return on investment. Start with as little as 3 campaigns.

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