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eCommerce Website Optimisation

In order to consistently improve the performance of your Shopify eCommerce, WooCommerce, or Magento website, website optimization is crucial. It helps you continuously improve the amount of traffic your website receives and the number of sales your website makes.

Given the rapid advancement of technology, it is critical to stay on top of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), optimise your content with the help of a Copywriter, and ensure your checkout process is flawless on mobile devices. 

With our expertise in eCommerce, we have assisted merchants in converting millions of pounds in transactions each year utilising organic approaches, while simultaneously lowering the cost of paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google's algorithm is updated approximately once a quarter, and these updates might have a negative impact on the positioning of your website in search results. This means that you should have a strategy in place to maintain your eCommerce business optimised and on top of the latest trends and developments. Even a few hours each month can make a significant difference in keeping your website up to date and in the top spot.

Content Copywriting

The most important trick to creating high-performing websites is original content. The fact that you're still stealing product descriptions and material from other websites is detrimental to your search engine rating.

It is important to create unique and relevant content for your eCommerce website's product and category pages in order to maintain your site's ranking on search engines and attract higher-quality visitors to your website.

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