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How to choose the right eCommerce Platform

We understand how difficult it may be to choose the right eCommerce platform for your website. We've been designing, building, and growing small businesses for over a decade, using a variety of platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Spoiler: They’re all great platforms, and that’s why we build websites using them

Customers' constraints, such as time or budget, can influence which platform is chosen, particularly if you're a new eCommerce business launching a new website. We go over the costs of eCommerce platforms in great detail, and we've put it all in a handy table for you below.

Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento Comparison Guide

Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce platform established in 2006.  It is not open source, so you are tied to Shopify’s servers and ecosystem.
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Built on WordPress, WooCommerce is free and open source.
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Magento 2 launched in 2008 following end of life for Magento 1. Magento 2 is actively developed with often quarterly updates.
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No. of Websites Globally
Key  Benefit
Incredibly easy to use
Great for small product catalogue, ticketing / memberships
Great for complex business requirements
Generally good - requires an optimised theme/design
Great - Easily optimised for site speed
OK - Generally slow and needs lots of optimisation
Product Management
Very easy to add / modify products
Relatively easy to add / change products
A little more time consuming to add / change products
Order Management
OK - Does not have the flexibility for custom statuses. Add-ons are required for packings lists and PDF invoices
Good - Customisable for custom statuses for orders, includes standard packing list and PDF features
Great - Very configurable for custom order statuses, workflows and picking / packing lists
Overall Ease of Use
5/5 - So easy to use and navigate
4/5 - A tiny bit of training will help
3/5 - Full training is needed (and provided)
Apps and Addons
Benefits - Lots of apps now available, sometimes needed to get basic functionality 

Negatives - Most are subscription based which creeps up the cost
Benefits -  Lots of apps to extend functionality. Often free too. 

Negatives  - Apps require regular updates and testing
Benefits - Flexible for apps custom development 

Negatives - Long winded process to install and configure apps
Good for SEO?
Yes -  Requires app
Servers and Hosting
Hosted by Shopify - no servers needed (Also means you can’t move your site elsewhere!)
Typically a virtual or small dedicated server needed
Typically a dedicated server or scaling cloud solution needed
Setup Costs
From £3,000 - £10,000
From £5,000 -  £12,000
From £15,000 - £30,000
On-going Costs
Medium (including Hosting) depending on exact store setup
Larger (including Hosting) depending on exact store setup
Setup Time
As little  as 4 weeks
As little as 8 weeks
12 - 16 weeks

Why choose Shopify for your eCommerce platform

A new eCommerce store can be up and running in as little as eight weeks. We can build and design your site for you in that time. If your store has up to 4,000 items, Shopify is the best choice. Shopify's interface is so easy to use that you don't need a technical expert to use the product and order screens. Shopify is an excellent choice for both price and how quickly we can start up our business.

Why choose WooCommerce for your eCommerce platform

We particularly like WooCommerce for small businesses with fewer than 250 products, as well as for online ticketing and membership sites, among other things. When it comes to controlling and making changes to anything from the design to how it interacts with other things, WooCommerce is fantastic because it is so simple. Shopify is more expensive to start with, but the price of integrations are often one-time expenses, and there are no ongoing fees to worry about.

Why choose Magento for your eCommerce platform

Magento checks all the boxes if you're searching for a highly configurable system that supports many shops with various currencies and tax standards. Don't be frightened off by its little more difficult interface than Shopify or WooCommerce - it's a true workhorse. Magento allows you customised design and creative interfaces with order management, courier, and accounting software systems. For stores with 5,000 or more items, this is a good option.

Migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce or Magento

With us, you can easily migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce or Magento (or from WooCommerce to Shopify - or Magento!) We handle every part of your migration, including client orders, accounts, items, and categories. We take extra precautions to ensure that your search engine results are impacted during the migration process, which is common when switching eCommerce platforms.

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